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BHAKTA 50 Armagnac Brandy

The Bhakta 50 Collection

Fifty years at its youngest—and more than one hundred fifty at its oldest—BHAKTA 50, the flagship offering of BHAKTA Spirits, carries jaw-dropping age statements. Only 38 barrels are ever produced, each a blend of 8 Armagnac vintages spanning from 1868 to 1970, and finished in a Scotch Whisky cask. Each barrel is named after a figure in history that we pay tribute to with that specific blend.

Our stocks come from Château Bhakta, created following Raj’s Bhakta’s 2019 purchase of the esteemed Maison Ryst-Dupeyron and their Armagnac holdings. Blending is done at the château by our multi-generational master blenders. The finishing barrels for BHAKTA 50 are traditional French oak casks conditioned with Islay whiskey, which allows the boldness of Scotch to meld with the floral richness of the Armagnac, providing layers of complexity and unmistakable identity.


Gold Medal in
Armagnac category
(2022 L.A. Spirits

“Top 10 Spirits of 2021” (Wine Enthusiast)

Highest Honors
(Global Spirits Masters 2020)

Judges Selection (top honors) (2022 TEXSOM Awards)

Innovator of the Year and Gold Armagnac category in the (Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)

  • "Hands down the best booze to drink right now."

  • "Based on the blend we tried, exquisite. Hits the mark."

  • "A superb brandy. Extraordinarily old, yet still manages to retain a freshness and fruitiness that belies its age."

  • "As this beauty of a bottling shows, brandy of this age is still alive, complex, and gorgeous."

  • “While we’ve found the liquid itself rich and complex, the age statements alone are enough to get a conversation started. . .”

  • "BHAKTA represents an elegant and melodious mixing of 38 barrels' worth of exceedingly rare juice."