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Welcome to the Chai 

Welcome to the Chai (pronounced “shay”, meaning “underground wine and spirits storeroom'', in French), our cellars at Chateau BHAKTA in Condom, France that houses the entire collection of Single Vintage Armagnac. The chateau was previously owned by the Dupyeron family, the illustrious Armagnac producer and negociant operating since 1905, before Raj purchased the estate and its cellars in 2019. 

The cellars extend over 450 square meters on two levels, with a perfect balance of humidity throughout the seasons. Large foudres, made with local Gascon oak, age the Armagnacs, before they are stored in glass bonbonnes for preservation. Our cellar master, Bernard Domecq, has worked for the house for fifty years, ensuring consistency in our blending and aging.

BHAKTA 1962 Armagnac

BHAKTA Single Vintage Armagnac

The BHAKTA Spirits Vintage Library offers single vintages of Armagnac reaching back through nearly every year since 1868. Each year captures and expresses the unique climate conditions, the technique of different distillers, and the compounding intricacies of time spent in both wood and glass. BHAKTA Armagnac grows in complexity and nuance the longer it is aged. BHAKTA Vintages represent the pinnacle of the Armagnac category – no other producer can boast the same depth and variety.

BHAKTA Armagnac Brandy

The Last Bastion of Craft

You could say that Armagnac is the last truly craft spirit known to man—the elegant, alchemical product of alembic stills which were patented and perfected in 1818.
The heir to more than 700 years of tradition, Armagnac’s first mention in the historical record dates to 1310, when Cardinal Vital Dufour extolled brandy’s many virtues—namely that it “enlivens the spirit,” “recalls the past to memory,” “renders men joyous, and “preserves youth and delays senility.” 


Gold Medal in
Armagnac category
(2022 L.A. Spirits

“Top 10 Spirits of 2021” (Wine Enthusiast)

Highest Honors
(Global Spirits Masters 2020)

Judges Selection (top honors) (2022 TEXSOM Awards)

Innovator of the Year and Gold Armagnac category in the (Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)


Gold Medal in Armagnac category (2022 L.A. Spirits Awards)

Judges Selection (top honors) (2022 TEXSOM Awards)

“Top 100 Spirits of 2021” (Wine Enthusiast)

Innovator of the Year and Gold Armagnac category in the (Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)

Highest Honors in the (Global Spirits Masters 2020)

  • "Hands down the best booze to drink right now."

  • "Based on the blend we tried, exquisite. Hits the mark."

  • "A superb brandy. Extraordinarily old, yet still manages to retain a freshness and fruitiness that belies its age."

  • "As this beauty of a bottling shows, brandy of this age is still alive, complex, and gorgeous."

  • “While we’ve found the liquid itself rich and complex, the age statements alone are enough to get a conversation started. . .”

  • "BHAKTA represents an elegant and melodious mixing of 38 barrels' worth of exceedingly rare juice."


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