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Jaw-dropping age statements. Astounding rarity. Awe-inspiring pedigree. Artful blending that breaks the rules—and invents new ones. These bespoke blends hail from our unrivaled reserves of vintage Armagnac. Luxuriously finished in Islay casks, our deeply-aged brandies are designed with the whiskey drinker in mind.

The ultimate collectible

Innovative. Rule-bending. Exceptional. In a world where no new spirits ever seem to stand out, we’ve doubled down on originality—and made the oldest spirits on Earth newer and more novel than ever. Conceived directly from the Promethean imagination of Spirits Mastermind Raj Peter Bhakta, these unique blends and exclusive vintage expressions are the ultimate collectible.

BHAKTA 27-07

Robust, fruit-forward, floral, and complex, BHAKTA 27-07 is a deeply-aged, Islay-finished brandy blend of Calvados and Armagnac—18 years at its youngest, 49 at its oldest. 27-07 is bound to be the most reached-for spirit on your bar.

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Gold Medal in Armagnac category (2022 L.A. Spirits Awards)

Judges Selection (top honors) (2022 TEXSOM Awards)

“Top 100 Spirits of 2021” (Wine Enthusiast)

Innovator of the Year and Gold Armagnac category in the (Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2021)

Highest Honors in the (Global Spirits Masters 2020)

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