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BHAKTA 50 Year Old 1868-1970 "Lindbergh" Barrel 25

BHAKTA 50 Year Old 1868-1970 "Lindbergh" Barrel 25

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BHAKTA 50 is a limited edition 50-year Armagnac collection for spirit enthusiasts seeking the best spirits in the world. When the brand first started, we created 38 single barrels, each a blend of Armagnac vintages from our single vintage library spanning 1868 - 1970, giving you the opportunity to taste spirits distilled in the 19th century.

A brief finish in a Scotch Islay cask makes it one of the most unique spirits collectibles you will find anywhere. Sampling this astounding array of historic vintages involves a journey across the twists and turns of time—and offers a unique glimpse into the mind of our founder, Raj Peter Bhakta.




No. Bottles-----------------------------------587

Vintages-----------------------------------1868 – 1900 – 1927 –1941 – 1952 – 1962 –1965 – 1970

Minimum Age-----------------------------------50 Years

BOTTLED IN-----------------------------------Condom, France

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the voyage of Charles Lindbergh

Each barrel of BHAKTA 50 is named for an iconic character whose deeds echo through time. This barrel honors Charles Lindbergh, who, in 1927, boarded the Spirit of St. Louis, a single-engine monoplane, and took off for the first-ever nonstop flight from New York to Paris. During his 33.5-hour odyssey, Lindbergh encountered storms, heavy seas – flying just 10 feet over the ocean at times – and often navigated by dead-reckoning due to a lack of navigational equipment. This barrel finds 1927, and we toast the indomitable American spirit with it.

  • DEEP AMBER Orange


  • Treacle, beeswax, hazelnut, fall spices


  • Peaty, peppery attack; full mouthfeel


  • Pleasant bitter walnutty finish



One to Stock, One to rock

We sell the entire BHAKTA 50 collection—two bottles of each of the 38 barrels—for $30,000, exclusively available to BHAKTA Stockholders, but with this Ecommerce release, you can obtain a piece of the collection for only $450. However, we recommend you buy “one to stock, one to rock”: purchase one bottle to save as it appreciates in value, and one to drink and share with friends on special occasions. Rare, limited release spirits are known to appreciate, take the Boss Hog bottles from the first whiskey brand Raj started, which now sell for thousands per bottle. Each barrel yields between 500-600 bottles, making every bottle precious.

If interested in purchasing one of these few remaining collections, please contact to learn more.

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Chateau Bhakta

All of our Armagnac stocks come
Chateau Bhakta in Condom, France,
created following Raj’s purchase of
the Ryst-Dupyron Chateau, a family
of negociants that has bought and
sold Armagnac throughout the
region for centuries.



19th Century Spirits

This bottle contains Armagnac
from 1868, the oldest spirits you
will find for sale on the market.



Four Grapes

Armagnac is distilled from wine
created using four white grape
varietals: Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc,
Colombard, and Bacco 22,
contributing to its robust and
complex flavor.



Alembic Distillation

All Armagnac is distilled using an
Alembic, an upright, continuous,
wood-fired still and produces far
smaller quantities than pot stills.
Alembic stills are attached to the
back of tractors that visit vineyards
throughout the region.



Scotch Finish

BHAKTA 50 is finished in a Scotch
cask for two weeks, giving it a
smoky, peaty finish.




BHAKTA is the last name of
founder, Raj Peter Bhakta.

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